At times you feel that you could drown in your grief, and that nobody understands the hurt inside, but reading other people’s experiences shows that you are not alone and lets you know that your thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal.

Fathers and mothers have written about their experiences in a range of books for Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society – click here), describing their changing emotions and the impact their baby’s death has had on their lives.

SANDS publish illustrated storybooks for children written by parents who wanted to find ways to talk about their baby’s death with the other children in their family.

SANDS also have books about coping with the grief of losing a baby during pregnancy or shortly afterwards.

For more information or to order books from SANDS go to or call 020 7436 7940.

Feileacain gratefully acknowledges the support and encouragement of SANDS