Cold Cot System


For families, saying goodbye to their baby who has died is a very distressing experience and many parents have shared with us their wish to spend as much time as possible with their baby before the final parting. For many reasons this is not always possible and as part of Féileacáin’s mission to support bereaved families we are DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE that we are awaiting delivery of a consignment of ‘Cuddle Cots’ or ‘Cold Cots’ for donation to maternity hospitals.

These cots, which look like a conventional Moses Basket regulate the baby’s temperature which allows parents to keep their baby with them that little bit longer. We understand that there will never be enough time to say goodbye to your baby but we hope that the Cuddle Cots will extend those precious moments, and also allow parents take their baby home if this is their wish. Féileacáin gratefully acknowledges the work of the Murphy Family of ‘Jake’s Gift’ who are also fundraising for Cuddle Cots in memory of her baby son Jake.