Flora Mini Marathon 2014

Run Walk or Jog For Feileacain!

With your support, Feileacain can benefit greatly if you partake in any of the marathons, and pre-existing Fun-Runs around the country.

For example, in 2013, thanks to all the women taking part in the event, an unbelievable €12m was raised for charities by the participants of The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon bringing the total since the race started in 1983 close to €137m. The women decide themselves who they will support and many causes gain vital revenue from the event. It is now the biggest single day charity event in the country.

If you can support Feileacain in any given year in a Mini Marathon or in any event, contact Sponsorship cards, t-shirts and general Feileacain information are all available on request.

Thank you for your support!

Table Quiz


This is a simple one to organise. It can be held in your local social club, pub or hall. Ask businesses in your area to sponsor spot prizes and/or send a team along. Charge a set fee per team and, also, try to run a raffle in the interval. 8 rounds of 8-10 questions is plenty.

Golf Classic


Ask golfers and businesses in your area to participate in this event. Local companies or business contracts can sponsor prizes. Charge a fee per team ensuring you comfortably cover the cost of the green fees and the food afterwards. Display the prizes and present them on the night.

Night at the Dogs


Fundraisers at the Irish Greyhound stadia allow Charities the potential to earn substantial revenues, ranging from €1,000 to €20,000, for a one night event. Contact your local stadium for more details. They will be only too delighted to help!


Casual Day at Work/School


Ask your principal/work manager about having a ‘non-uniform’ day at school/work. You can put up notices in the staff canteen and notice board about the charity and where all the funds collected will be going. Be sure to collect the money on the day.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Party Celebrations


Many people too, in lieu of receiving presents request that cash gifts are given and donated to charities. You can also when producing your invitations include bank details and a brief note about the charity that you wish to donate to.

Tea Party


Invite family and friends over to share tea and cakes in memory of your baby. You can have loads of homemade buns and cakes and serve them with fancy tea sets and cake stands. A basket and envelopes can be positioned so that people can donate.

Parachute Jump


There are now many companies out there that can help you in the organising of a charity parachute jump. You normally have to raise over a fixed amount, which will cover the cost of your sky dive and the balance can then be nominated for donation to your chosen charity.

These are only a few ideas, and we would ask that you have fun in whatever way you fundraise for Feileacain. For further information you can contact us at