“Saol Gearr “– “Short Lives“ Documentary

“Saol Gearr “– “Short Lives “
Hawkeye Films announce the forthcoming broadcast of “Saol Gearr – Short Lives” on Wednesday 12th April at 8.30 pm, on T.G 4
“Rachael was not going to be yet another stillbirth that would be forgotten.”(Charlotte McCauley, mother of baby Rachael)
For parents and families the experience of stillbirth is one of pain, sadness and deep loss. For generations stillborn babies were cloaked in a veil of silence by a society that found it difficult and discomforting to deal with stillbirths, who, were often, not officially documented or recognised. The charity Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland) has been to the fore in bringing the issue of stillbirth out of the shadows. Through its support network and remembrances services it has allowed parents give voice to their grief, their bereavement and in doing so have ensured that their stillborn children will not be forgotten.
“I think there was a reason that Phillip was with us, even though it was a very short time, he was with us for that short time, but maybe one day we’ll find out why he wasn’t able to stay with us, but we have to wait until that day.” (Matthew Lydon, father of baby Philip)
This documentary is an emotional journey of parents and families through the experience of stillbirth and how, through memory boxes, bereavement photography and cuddle cots, the presence and memories of their stillborn babies, live on.
“….we kept everything really, all the cards, little teddy bear, anything that was here that we used, that was given for Mark, even kept my labour nightdress which usually goes in the bin. So you keep everything, they are all memories and that`s all we have.” (Farrah Fox, mother of baby Mark)
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Produced & directed by Donal R.Haughey.