Just as the title of this section suggests “Remembering” is all about that; a place for anyone affected by the loss of a baby whether you are a mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend. It’s a space where you can place a poem that’s special to you, maybe one you wrote yourself or a quotation that touched you. Add your poem to our virtual book entitled “Your Book of Thoughts”, and it will be there for all to see and read. You can also include a dedication for the baby you are remembering if you wish.

Similarly our “Butterfly for you“, is a place to mark a special day, occasion or anniversary, or just simply to let others know that you’re thinking of them and wish to acknowledge the day in a special way.

Our “Bereaved Parents Wish list” is just that, a list of feelings that we so truly feel and wish for.

The remaining two sections may be used to obtain ideas; a section where you can look for a special poem, rhyme or verse that you may wish to use in remembrance of your baby. Feel free to use any material in this section as you wish.

A selection of books has been compiled, that in time you might like to read. The majority of these books can be found within the Feileacain library and can be borrowed if you wish.