Welcome to the ‘Keepsakes’ section of the Féileacáin website, which offers a choice of beautifully crafted items designed  by artists and crafts people.  Sensitively designed, the carefully chosen items provide parents with a choice of beautifully made keepsakes. Keepsakes and memories are important in the lives of all families but especially so for families who have lost a child. The items featured in ‘Keepsakes’ will provide you with a piece that will help preserve your child’s memory. You can choose from a selection of jewellery and glass and have your baby’s name and birthday etched or engraved within a piece that you will treasure forever.

All the companies listed below will donate 10% of the retail price to Féileacáin once you mention Féileacáin when placing your order.

Féileacáin would like to thank these companies for their continuing support.

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Remember there are other items in the Féileacáin shop (link) which are part of our fundraising efforts to ensure our services continue…

Personalised Child and Adult Loss Books


Personalised books created especially for you, your family and friends to read and share. It has been designed as both a keepsake memory book and to help bereaved families.

We have created a Gift Certificate to purchase that you can print off and present as a gift for Christmas allowing the person to order and choose the book and names to personalise.

Because each of our books is personalised with a chosen name/term of endearment and customised with illustrations according to the family’s preference, making a choice for someone else when ordering can be difficult.

Our beautiful, full-colour gift certificate, allows you to purchase a copy of the book as a gift for someone but gives them the opportunity to personalise the book as they wish.

Our personalised books are available for families who have experienced all kinds of loss, including that of a baby, child, parent, grandparent or other special loved one.

Follow this link to our website and view our full range of services


Gift Certificiate | Baby Loss Books with Feileacain

Silverhaven Jewellery

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to anyone who has recently been bereaved.





At such a terrible time of loss, it can be comforting to be reminded of their love and your love by creating a personal memory of them and keeping it close to you.

We have helped a number of people to keep the memory of someone they love close to them. It has provided a great source of comfort and a lasting treasured memory. The service we provide is sympathetic, individual and unique.

You can use a clear, good quality photocopy of your baby’s handprint or footprint, Silverhaven can produce the jewellery of you choice in a variety of different shapes with an exact impression of your baby’s handprint or footprint on it. Your baby’s name can also be engraved on it if you wish

If you would like to get in touch about creating a ‘Loving Memory’ treasure, please contact us by email on mail@silverhavenjewllery.com or 086 8369958 to ask any questions or for advice.

Some beautiful samples that we can make for you, capturing moments in Silver forever.


Cremation Beads Ireland


Hi, I’m a glass bead artist.

I use some of your lost loved ones cremations ashes and add them to melted glass.

Cremation Beads Ireland with Feileacain

The cremains are seen within the glass as swirly white flakes, the effect of flakes and bubbles is visually pleasant and quite often people comment on how pretty the beads are – unaware that they contain cremains, so this is a very discrete way of keeping your loved one close to you.

You can also choose to have the ashes added to opaque glass so you know it’s there but cannot be seen.

I work to tailor each Memorial bead to the client’s specifications, colour and design can be chosen when ordering.

I will treat your loved one with the same care and respect that I would for a member of my own family. I give every client my full attention throughout the process so you can be sure that your loved one is handled sensitively and with respect.

I only need around two teaspoons of cremains and even then there will probably be some left over which will be returned with the completed glass jewelry. The cremains are posted to me in a “zip lock” type bag.

The process can take 2/3 weeks. I will finish the bead with sterling silver grommets and it will be ready to be added to your bracelet as soon as you receive it.

You can contact me by email, melguing@gmail.com

Or message me through my Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/demelza.cremationbeadsireland/






Yewcraft –http://yewcraft.com is another company that will make a 10% donation of the retail price back to Feileacain once our name is mentioned while placing your order.  Yewcraft creates beautiful laser engraved pieces to your design.  You can choose a picture of your child in either glass or granite, or have a poem or prayer engraved.

You may also choose to have exact replicate of your child’s hand or foot prints engraved into your chosen design. Some parents have chosen a symbol or significant date and had it engraved on a paper weight or plaque.

Yewcraft are only too happy to help you choose a piece that is meaningful to you.

They can be contacted at James: 0868502995 – Mike:0857749955 or james@yewcraft.com