Books for Adults on the death of a baby:

Pregnancy after a loss (A guide to Pregnancy after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death by Carol Cirulli Lanham)

Parenthood Lost (Healing the Pain after Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death by Michael R. Berman)

When a meeting is also a Farewell (Coping with a Stillbirth or Neonatal Death by Ingela Radestead)

Trying again (A guide to Pregnancy after Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss: by Ann Douglas, John R. Sussman M.D., Deborah L. Davis, John Sussman)

A Mother’s Tears (A Story of Stillbirth and Life by Nicole Wyborn)

An Empty Cradle (A Full Heart: Reflections for Mothers and Fathers after miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death by Christine O’Keeffe Lafser)

When a baby dies (By Nancy Kohner & Alix Henley)

When your baby dies (By Louis A. Gamino and Ann Taylor Cooney)

Help Comfort & Hope after losing your baby in Pregnancy or the First year (By Hannah Lothrop & Jane Marie Jamb)

Life Teaches Life: A mother’s story of stillbirth and Healing (By Christiane Northrup)

Empty Cradle Broken Heart (Surviving the death or your baby by Deborah L Davis)

Fathers Feel Too (A Book for Men by Men on Coping with the Death of a Baby by Andrew Don)

Books for Children on the death of a baby:

All shining in the spring – the story of a baby who died (By Siobhan Parkinson)

Last week my brother Anthony Died (By Martha W Wickman and Randie Julien)

Morgan’s baby sister (By Patricia Polin Johnston and Donna Reilly Williams)

No new baby (By Marilyn Gryte)

Remembering our Baby (By Patti Keogh)

We were going to have a baby but we had an angel instead (By Pat Schiewbert)

Something Happened: A book for children and parents who have experienced pregnancy loss (By Cathy Blanford)

Someone came before you (By Pat Schwiebert)

Red Sky in the morning (By Elizabeth Laird)